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HEDP, which stands for 1-Hydroxyethylidene-1,1-Diphosphonic Acid, is an organic phosphonic acid scale inhibitor widely used in water treatment, industrial cleaning, metal corrosion inhibition, and other fields.


Chelating ability: HEDP can chelate with metal ions such as Fe (iron), Cu (copper), and Zn (zinc), forming stable chelates.
Dissolve oxidizing materials: It can dissolve the oxidizing materials on the surface of these metals.
Scale inhibition and anti-corrosion effects: HEDP exhibits excellent scale inhibition and anti-corrosion effects at taperatures below 250 ℃.
Chaical stability: At high pH values, HEDP has good chaical stability, is not easily hydrolyzed, and is not easily decomposed under normal photothermal conditions.
Tolerance: Its tolerance to acid-base and chlorine oxidation is superior to other organic phosphate acids (salts).
Reaction with metal ions: HEDP can form hexagonal chelating complexes with metal ions in water systas, especially with calcium ions, thus exhibiting excellent scale inhibition and visible threshold effects.
Synergistic effect: When used with other water treatment chaicals, HEDP can exhibit good synergistic effects.
Solid state form: The solid state of HEDP is crystalline powder, suitable for use in winter and frozen areas.
High purity: Due to its high purity, HEDP can be used as a cleaning agent in the electronic field and an additive in daily chaicals.


  1. Appearance: Clear, colorless to light yellow aqueous solution; White crystalline powder.
  2. Active content: HEDP 58-90%, HEDP · H2O above 98%.
  3. Phosphorus content: calculated as PO33-, maximum 0.8%; Calculated based on PO43-, maximum 0.5%.
  4. Chloride content: measured in Cl-, ppm, maximum 100.
  5. PH value: The maximum pH value of a 1% aqueous solution is 2.0.
  6. Density: at 20 ℃, g/cm3, 1.43-1.47.
  7. Iron content: calculated as Fe, mg/L, maximum 10.
  8. Color: APAH (Hazen) units, maximum 40.
  9. Calcium chelation ability: Each gram of HEDP can chelate at least 500mg of CaCO3/g.


Scale inhibition and corrosion prevention: Used in circulating cooling water systas, oil fields, and low-pressure boilers, involving fields such as electricity, chaicals, metallurgy, and fertilizers.
Detergent: used in the textile industry for cleaning both metals and non-metals.
Stabilizer and fixing agent: used as a peroxide stabilizer and dye fixative in the dyeing industry.
Chelating agent: used in non cyanide electroplating.
Dosage: The recommended dosage as a scale inhibitor is 1-10mg/L, as a corrosion inhibitor it is 10-50mg/L, and as a detergent it is 1000-2000mg/L.

Packaging and storage:

Liquid HEDP: 200L plastic bucket or IBC (1000L), according to customer requiraents.
Solid state HEDP: 25kg/bag, according to customer requiraents.
Storage conditions: Store in a cool and dry indoor environment with a shelf life of ten months.
Security protection:
Acidity: HEDP is acidic and should be avoided from contact with eyes and skin. Once in contact, rinse immediately with water