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KR-503 Scale and Corrosion Inhibitor for Boiler

Properties and usage:

KR-503 is built with organophosphine and polycarboxylic acid. It has advantages of high efficiency of scale & corrosion inhibition and good temperature tolerance. KR-503 can be used in water treatment of low pressure boiler. Boilers include radiator, steam, locomotive, etc. This product can also be used as scale and corrosion inhibitor in situation of desalination plant, distillation and bus water tank.


Add 200g per ton water of this product into boiler make-up water. During operation, blow-off every hour, 5-10 second each time. If the boiler has heavy scale, increase the quantity, and frequently blow-off. After 10-20 days' continuous operation, stop the boiler, open the handhole, remove the visible scale deposit to prevent conduit blockage, then, the boiler may turn into normal operation again. KR-503 would be better if the condense index of boiler water was controlled within 10. Other parameters may refer to related regulations (boiler water pH10-12, for example). pH value should not be lower than 7.

The material of medicate tank should be in plastic, concrete tank should be pretreated by anticorrosion method, otherwise, it will be eroded by the medicine, and the hardness will be increased much high.

Total hardness of boiler make-up water should be lower than 200mg/L. Once too high hardness is countered, lime or other methods should be used to lower it .

Package and Storage:

200L plastic drum,IBC(1000L),customers’ requirement. Storage in shady room and dry place for one year.

Safety Protection:

Though no toxic, this product is acidic and corrosive, once contacted with skin, flush with water.