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KR-706 Deoiling Detergent


KR-706 is composed of chelating, cleaning, deoiling, dispersant and penetrating agent. It is a good deoiling detergent with properties of deoiling, descaling and cleaning. KR-706 can effectively remove the scale, oil film and emulsified oil. KR-706 is compatible with phosphorus series scale and corrosion inhibitors.


AppearanceAmbe hazy liquid
Solid content, %30.0 min
Density (20℃), g/cm31.25±0.1
pH(1% water solution)2.0±1.0


The dosage is determined by the actual circulating cool water system, ask the engineer for detail.

Package and Storage:

200L plastic drum,IBC(1000L),customers’ requirement. Storage for six months in shady room and dry place.

Safety Protection:

Acidity, avoid contact with eye and skin, once contacted, flush with water.