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Shandong Kairui Chemistry Co., Ltd. is located in Xuecheng Chemical Industrial Zone of Zaozhuang City, plant size is around 67,000 m2, adopts advanced continuous mass production technology and DCS automatic control system. Built with 5 workshops for Phosphonates, Polycarboxylic Polymers, Biocides etc., company’s monomers production capacity achieve 280,000 tons per year. Besides industrial water treatment, our products are also widely used in oilfield...MORE
Water Treatment Chemicals
Recommended Products
Chemicals Name CAS No. Chemicals Name CAS No.
ATMP CAS No. 6419-19-8 HEDP CAS No. 2809-21-4
PBTC CAS No. 37971-36-1 DTPMPA CAS No. 15827-60-8
PAPEMP CAS No. 130668-24-5 BHMTPMPA CAS No. 34690-00-1
ATMP•Na4 CAS No. 20592-85-2 HEDP•Na2 CAS No. 7414-83-7
EDTMPS CAS No. 22036-77-7 DTPMP•Na7 CAS No. 22042-96-2
PAA CAS No. 9003-01-4 PAAS CAS No. 9003-01-4
HPMA CAS No. 26099-09-2 MA/AA CAS No. 26677-99-6
AA/AMPS CAS No. 40623-75-4 PCA CAS No. 71050-62-9
DDBAC/BKC CAS No. 8001-54-5 Isothiazolinones CAS No. 26172-55-4, 2682-20-4
TTA•Na CAS No. 64665-57-2 BTA•Na CAS No. 15217-42-2